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The Ship, Crew, and Aircraft Photo Album

During Navy Day in Guantanomo Bay, Cuba 1941

Unknown location and date

Note the "angled" deck in this overhead shot

At speed...looks like an early shake-down run

At Casco Bay, Maine

Pictures of Wasp model at the Naval Museum of Aviation in Pensacola, Florida...

Wasp carried the Grumman F4F "Wildcat" fighter.  Early types had a black tail that denoted they belonged to Wasp.

Dauntless dive bomber.  These could use dive flaps and "stand on their nose" as they dove on a ship to bomb it.

Early torpedo bomber Wasp carried.  This one has a blue tail, where Wasp planes had black ones and a number 7 where the 6 is on this plane...Seven denoted CV-7, the ships number.

Wasp carried these also.  They were torpedo bombers and replaced the Devastators.  

Actual Avenger picture...note how large she was...

Wasp also carried the Vindicator

Some Crew Pictures...all may not be taken on Wasp, but are representative of carrier life...

Bulky asbestos fire suits worn by rescue workers to pull pilots from burning planes

Capt Sherman inspecting Marines on Wasp in San Diego before the trip to Gaudalcanal

Big Wheel conference on Wasp

King Neptune walks Wasps decks during one of her equator crossings

Pilots getting a mission brief

Dauntless gunner

Maintenance in the hangar deck

Crew lashing a Dauntless down to the deck...storm coming?

Loading a bomb on a Dauntless

Guncrews anxiously watch for Japanese airplanes

Loading ammo on a Dauntless

Taking a break

Whats for supper?  Oh...potatoes...

Wasp twice ferried RAF Spitfires to Malta.  Below, one takes off from Wasp.

In an exercise, Wasp was the first US carrier to launch Army aircraft.  She launched Curtiss P-40 Warhawks, like the one below.

Wasp shipmate does good...David McCampbell was a Wasp "alumni".  He is seen here acting as landing signal officer (LSO), guiding planes onto Wasps decks and when he was in his element as a "top-ace" fighter pilot