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Dads Navy Pictures

Dad (CJ McLellan, VF-71) 1st from left during survivors leave in 1942
(Birmingham News)
Dad in another news picture.  It was to announce he had "left for sea duty again" after survivors leave.  He was going to Guadalcanal.  (Birmingham News)
Yet another "at sea again" picture.  As usual, the news folks mispelled his last name.  (Birmingham News)

All of these men were from Birmingham, Alabama and stationed on Wasp when sunk.  Recognize any of them?  (Birmingham News)

Dad in back row (1st from right) on Guadalcanal with COMAIRPAC.
(CJ McLellan Photo)

Dad in grass of Guadalcanal.
(CJ McLellan Photo)

He musta been happier in this photo...just won a craps game maybe?
(CJ McLellan Photo)

At home during survivors leave...1942.
(CJ McLellan Photo)

Another leave photo.  (CJ McLellan Photo)