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Type: light fleet aircraft carrier
Displacement: 19,116 Tons (full load)
Dimensions: 688 x 80.75 x 20 feet
Extreme Dimensions: 741.25 x 80.75 x 20 feet
Propulsion: Steam turbines, 2 shafts, 75,000 shp, 29.5 knots
Crew: 1,800
Armor: None
Armament: 8 single 5/38 DP, 16 1.1 inch AA, 24 .50 cal AA
Aircraft: 84 initially
Concept/Program: Small carrier meant to use up the remaining carrier tonnage allowed under Treaty restrictions. Replaced Langley in the carrier force.
Design: Based on a scaled-down Yorktown. Not a satisfactory design; had even less underwater protection than the Yorktown class.
In Memoriam...
Charles J McLellan, VF-71
27 January 1924 -  30 November 2005
Noteworthy Items

   CV7 was first carrier built with asymmetrical hull to counter balance the weight of the island
   Made two trips to Malta delivering Royal Air Force Spitfire Mk V fighters to fend off marauding Luftwaffe bombers and fighters
   First US carrier to launch US Army aircraft...Curtiss P-40 War hawks
   Did not have an armor belt built into hull (to resist torpedo damage) due to remaining weight limitations imposed by treaty when Wasp was built
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A eulogy for my dad has been added.  As a disclaimer on that page states, he was not politically correct, so the eulogy is not one you are probably accustomed to.

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